Where Words End

by Lucifer Effect

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Another generic DSBM filth. I hoped this time won't come, but it's another even year, another loss and I am discouraged to continue as never before. Each time is worse. One day I'm not going to stand up.


released July 20, 2016

B.M. - guitars
Eija Risen - being weak




Eija Risen Warsaw, Poland

Man behind Dystert Sind and Cold Womb Descent. Addicted to creating realities.

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Track Name: She Whispers Me Their Names
One day I'm not going to stand up
One day I'm going to submit to them
Track Name: Everything I Do Is Vain
How long can I force myself
To take another ride with you?
The loop ties where it starts
My wounds are one year wider

We've built a castle on a sea
No wonder it sinks
Track Name: All My Life Has Led To This Point
I can't repress the truth anymore
I was born an abomination
Repulsive pile of sickness
Wailing contamination
Deeply attached to sadness
Addicted to attention

I can't believe I managed to stay so long without you
The day you left I felt I lost the most of my soul
The memory of our days is hazy like a distant dream
What lies ahead is just trying to keep your light from dying
Track Name: They Will Meet Tomorrow Morning
She came to me at night
Whispered me their names
Everyone who left and who would leave
Will meet tomorrow morning

All my life has led to this point
I saw it as a child

Why? Everything I touch dies
Why? Everything I touch turns to dust